The Demalion Empire

My People and those who are lost, dispirited, uncertain and looking for a place to call their home, where they will be free to follow their fate and forge their own destiny:

In the name of the Emperor ‘Vaizer’ we hereby welcome you to the Demalion Empire, a realm like no other, bound in spirit through our undying adherence to the principles that form the base on which our society will structure itself. A mode of belief and practice that will see us emerge as a light amongst nations, kingdoms and empires, if we but resolve to stay true to the following four principles in all areas of our lives.

The principles are:





What, you may ask, does it mean to practice these four principles and how are they expected to be used in your daily life? The simple answer is all of us have the traits in some form or another. When we travel to a new land or make a new acquaintance in the hope of bettering our family lives, we are showing courage. When we leave our young children with a neighbor in order to take produce to the market to sell, we are showing trust. When we stand by our friends when they gave their darkest hour, we are showing loyalty. And when we receive a wanderer looking for sanctuary, we take them in feed them and ensure their well prepared for their journey, we are showing generosity. A virtue taught by our elders.

We would ask that you honor your Emperor with the same. Bequeath to him your trust, even when to do so means to risk your precious land and resources for the good of the Empire. Trust his emissaries, commanders and governors, knowing that they have been chosen to serve due to their honor and loyalty to Vaizer and the Empire and will not lie to you, overburden you or command you to commit treason. And third, give the Emperor your loyalty, knowing that he is bound by his oath to ensure the Demalion Empire thrives and that his subjects are kept safe, even though we may face dark times, as is the natural order of things dictated by the Wheel of Time. If we keep to our principles, and remain steadfast no matter what fate throws at us, explore our generosity together, we will emerge stronger once the Wheel has completed its cycle. Demalion Empire

Demalion Empire

How is the Empire Structured?

While we will forge our own identity and create our own culture, we do not intend to go against the order of the game itself, creating a society that is at odds with the rest of Elyria. Instead, we believe that the principles of a feudal system are one that works best with our empire, with nobles and officials representing the crown and responsible for the safety of those in their care. In order for the empire to thrive, it is paramount that each noble and official display the four principles in all areas of their lives. Neglect of responsibilities is tantamount to treason and will be regarded as such. Over taxation, harsh punishments and other forms of corruption will also not be tolerated.

Improvement of rank is possible and indeed encouraged, through the assignation of individuals to the Imperial Council. Those invited to the council will not be chosen due to rank or office, but because of their adherence to the principles of Courage, Trust, Loyalty and Generosity. All shall see that anyone with those principles and an acumen of the game will rise within the Demalion Empire, becoming an advisor to the Emperor Vaizer himself.

Demalion Empire

Demalion Empire

Why Should you Join the Demalion Empire?

The Demalion Empire welcomes any within its folds, providing he or she abides by he four principles. Whether you are a Duke, Count, Baron, a Gentleman, Artisan, scientist or a peasant, you will find a welcome in the empire. Our common goal is to build a healthy and happy community that enjoys playing Chronicles of Elyria together and has shared interests in strengthening our empire. If you want a strong community of players behind you, cheering you on and sharing your goals, then the Demalion Empire is the kingdom to join.

Demalion Empire

Demalion Empire


Lore of The Empire

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